The Mind of a Teen

Founder and CEO of Empire Inc. shares advice and tips on living the American Dream! Love em keep em! U screw em leave em! Live is only once try different things! :)

Permalink My wish did come true in someway!
Permalink 1st and 3rd place win at the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade! Go Dramatic Effect!
Permalink My cuz got a bigger dick than half u niggas out here! Lmfao @mani_baybee
Permalink Try me if u want!
Permalink On Instagram str8 flexin! Can’t deal! #photogenic me!
Permalink So true!
Permalink Happy 7th birthday to my lil baby cuz love her so much!
Permalink Oh how good I look today!
Permalink Life sucks sometime it’s good to me then at times it just shit! Ugh! Till this day I’m still contacting but no response!
Permalink Spending time with my sister for her 16th Birthday I love this girl! @mani_baybee
Permalink Only in freaking McDonalds u see this cheesy chunky shit!
Permalink Me and my sis at IHop tonight love this girl to death! @mani_baybee
Permalink On my way to church!
Permalink At #Applebee’s with fam!
Permalink Everyone please stop what your doing now and follow dis crazy full ride scholarship nigga @baby_megatron lady’s hit this broke nigga up!